We have introduced the brand, BENGS 4 Life, – based on Resonant Water and our proprietary scaling system. Two products, BENGS Restore and BENGS Perform are on the market through our online store and affiliate programs. Other BENGS products are being developed at this time.


We continue to work on RMS Water based on the work of Dr. John McMichael with Resonant Molecular Signaling . Our products are based on the intrinsic properties of water combined with information in that signals the body at the cellular level to return to a health state.

These exciting formulations offer health and wellbeing in a safe, effective and easy to administer fashion. The mechanisms underlying these products are different from the current approaches to product discovery for health. At RIC 4 life, we think that energy signals, or information, affords a safe, effective and affordable way to maintain and/or restore health and wellbeing.


    • BENGS Restore
    • BENGS Perform


Coming Soon:

  • BENGS Grow
  • RMS Water - antiviral
  • RMS Water - respiratory
  • RMS Water - allergy
  • RMS Water - immune boost
  • RMS Water - urinary incontinence