Resonant Water


Our Resonant Water products are based on health indications coming out of 40+ years research performed by Dr. Bill Bengston, one of RIC 4 life’s founders. Research shows that water treated with the Bengston Energy Healing MethodTM has cured cancer in mice. Anecdotal reports indicated that treated water can also be used effectively with conditions such as colitis, gastro-enteritis, skin conditions such as contact dermatitis and others.

Using this research as the foundation, we created Resonant Water.

A formal human social experiment with Resonant Water was held in January and February of 2020 in the U.S. with positive indications. Resonant Water is now being used with a number of patients with various health conditions. Two further social experiments are currently underway, in The Netherlands and in the U.S.

RIC 4 Life formed the BENGS 4 Life brand to bring Resonant Water products to the market.


BENGS 4 Life Brand

BENGS Resonant Water is the foundation of all our products. Our resonant water begins with the treated water that has proved effective in experiments. This water then follows an enhancing, proprietary process.

Water is a natural, reliable carrier of life-giving sustenance. Using the purest water, we add balancing frequencies, to help you nourish and repair, creating resonant water. Our test results indicate very interesting changes occur and restoration happens.

We are introducing 2 products: BENGS Restore and BENGS Perform. BENGS Restore was introduced slowly through our own network with a pre-launch on September 8th. People have sent us many positive testimonials. Although there is tremendous clinical feedback, we do not make medical claims and focus on the balance aspect of BENGS Restore and on the performance aspect of BENGS Perform. will begin accepting orders shortly.

BENGS Products


PL-1 for Plants

PL-1, our working name, is our Resonant Water plant formula. This formula is currently being tested on seeds, bulbs and plants in The Netherlands. The initial results are promising, but there is more testing to be done before PL-1 is brought to market.



Our proprietary formulation for animals is now being tested with veterinarians in Australia and the United States.




Dr. Bengston thinks that Resonant Water carries information which signals the cells, through an energetic pathway, to return to health.

Dr. Bengston's research papers can be found here.