endless curiosity
       practical application


RIC 4 life is committed to a future that holds positive promise for the generations to come. We want to leave the world a better place for our children and our grandchildren.

This driving concept leads us towards endless curiosity, stretching beyond boundaries, looking at unique, and sometimes old, concepts, exploring scientific anomalies and thinking about new ways to accomplish things. An innate sense of playfulness fosters insights and perspective.

These insights often lead to practical applications that foster health and well-being. It is our intent to offer products, in an affordable manner, for people, animals and plants. In these endeavors, we have several projects in process with others on the horizon.


Application Highlights

  • BENGS Resonant Water for balance and well-being
  • PL-1 for plant growth and health
  • Healing recordings
  • Resonant Molecular Signaling (RMS) products for health conditions
Application Highlights




  • BENGS Resonant Water human studies, currently in The Netherlands and U.S.
  • BENGS Resonant Water studies with animals, various veterinarians
  • Bengston healing recording research at veterinary school in Japan
  • PL-1 testing in greenhouses in The Netherlands
  • Bengston healing recording study in the U.S.
  • BTL-tml pilot study and FDA Phase 3 clinical trial by Beech Tree Labs in the U.S. for COVID


Our research, scientific and field exploration is ongoing.