RIC 4 life has three focus areas:

  • Humans — How can we tap into the wisdom of the body? And how can we activate this wisdom to what the body needs to regain balance and well-being. Our questions have led to the Bengs brand and supporting research/studies. We constantly consider and test additional products.
  • Plants — We are committed to improving the health of our planet and the plants and microbial life that call it home. How can we contribute to the health of plants and ultimately the soils they live in? Tests have begun for several plant products.
  • Animals – Animals will self-medicate if given the opportunity. They innately understand and seek natural healing. At RIC 4 life we are considering how we can offer natural healing for pets and farm animals through specially developed products.

We are working on several projects within these focus areas. Some projects/products will come to fruition rather quickly and others will take further time, research and development.