At RIC 4 life we are very curious about the essence of life. What defines life? Can we contribute to life? What’s the relation between health and life? What is healing and how does it contribute to life? Can we capture healing and store it? Can we then make it scalable?


Our Mission

To ask a lot of questions and have an endless curiosity for finding answers — then make that information available for others to improve the lives of plants, animals and humans. We feel it’s our mission to put our collective passion into playing with questions, information, knowns and unknowns, to discover new elements of information, energy or signals that brings every living organism closer to its core essence of life / original blueprint.


Our Vision

Making information sources available that improve the life of every living organism.




Ted den Ouden

Ted den Ouden, CEO and Chief Effectiveness

– built a network around the themes Health, Wealth & Happiness. He connects companies, people and ideas. His platform platform supports companies like PAL-V and Resonandina.


Bill Bengston

Bill Bengston PhD, Chief Scientist

– is a statistician and researcher with 35+ years research on healing. More than 30 published research papers show his remarkable findings. His current interest is storing and scalable healing.


Margaret Nies

Margaret Nies, Chief Flora and Fauna

– has a background in business, organic farming and health, healing and wellness with a deep love of animals and plants.